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Jenni Nicole LLC

Ryan Hat

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Wool fedora with a decorative band, and adjustable inner velcro strap for sizing and lining.


How to reverse a Wavy / Warped Brim

Use your iron on steamer setting and gently brush the hot air on the specific spot you are trying to flatten.

Immediately after steaming —While your hat is still hot and soft from the steaming process, immediately take it over to a smooth surface and lay it flat to cool.

Instructions for Cleaning the Entire Hat

Use a hat brush or soft toothbrush to brush away stains then submerge the hat into the a bowl of cold water mixed with a mild non-bleach detergent for 20 minutes. Next step, remove the hat from the bowl and rinse with cold water until all soap is removed. Place the hat on a flat surface and let it air dry in a shaded area with a gentle breeze to maintain it's shape and color.